Some of the bikes I've Owned

1977 My First Bike 650 Yamaha

Tripoli FXR I rebuilt

1987 FXSTC

"Smokey" I built for my wife Sonya 88" Shovel Softail

Built the Limo not the '82 FLH

2001 Rolling Thunder Chopper

98 inch Dual Plugged Shovel

Jen's Softail Chopper

Shades of Grey


"CHROMEDREAMS Appraisal Service is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients by providing unbiased, accurate information based on industry standard values and an intimate working knowledge of American style motorcycles, parts, and accessories." Unbiased, fair representation of our clients' interest is our mandate.

My name is Ron Szoczei (pronounced sootsee); I have been actively involved in the motorcycle industry and many of the enthusiast associations for over twenty years, both working and enjoying, and I maintain my involvement and association to this day. Some of my responsibilities have included: parts man at Harley dealerships, Service department writer, and the General Manager of two custom bike building shops, one of which I was a part owner of. In years past, I have been involved with various committees with the B.C.C.O.M. (British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists) and I was on the board of directors for the Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association for over four years.

I have filled the function of Race Director and technical inspector for no less than three seasons. I have also been an invited judge at numerous motorcycle show and shine competitions. I have recently completed the requirements for my certification as a judge with the I.M.B.B.A. (International Master Bike Builders Association)at the CANADIAN BIKER BUILD-OFF #4 in Welland Ontario. I am a charter member of the newly formed C.B.A. (Custom Bike Association), and I have been named Chairman of the motorcycle division of the Appraisal Standards Committee with the N.A.A.A.C.C.C. (National Association of Antique Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation).

My experience and mechanical involvement with motorcycles has provided me with insight into products and procedures that may otherwise be overlooked by other appraisers or estimators who specialize in vehicles other than motorcycles. In 1999, I set out to develop a system for evaluating customized machines based on industry recognized standards that I learned from several automotive appraisers, then, with the help of others more technologically inclined than myself, we developed the software program and honed it specifically to the motorcycle industry. I then presented myself to the I.C.B.C. (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) as a subcontractor capable of satisfying the claims that they were having difficulty with, and I worked on their files establishing my credibility with The I.C.B.C. for about a year and a half before going "public".

Since that time, I have been relied upon by several insurance companies, claim estimators, lawyers, and private clients locally and nationally, as far away as Florida. I am "THE APPRAISAL GUY", and I'm qualified to do "fair market valuations" and "post loss evaluations" on any type of motorcycle, but my area of expertise is specifically Harley Davidson style bikes, and I maintain a good working relationship with the local industry and many of its suppliers. I am able to evaluate a motorcycle based on photographs, documentation, and research to establish an accurate "Declared Value" prior to insuring, or for the purpose of a "Fair Market Value" in the event of a total loss, or to assess damages in the case of an accident. As our services expand, we look forward to be bringing in more appraisers better suited to the intricacies of foreign and antique machines, to offer an even higher standard of service with shorter turn around times.

Thank-you for considering the benefit of the accuracy of our services, I welcome your questions,comments, or criticisms. Contact us at (604) 307-7564 or E-mail

In the wind Ron Szoczei

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Certainly! We are able to and have done plenty of distance appraisals for both Canadians and U.S. residents with success, but each situation is indeed different. The documentation we do is based on the information you provide for us to substantiate your position. Digital images and the internet have opened a door to the world and now make appraisals available at any location in the world! Distance Appraisals

Because most vehicles are depreciable items to one degree or another, and market values change, annual revisions should be considered. That being said, you don't have to pay the full price of the appraisal again because we maintain the database with your info in it, and just tweak the numbers to reflect the annual differences at the $35.00 per hour rate. This usually ends up costing no more than $100.00 by the time we're through.